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Company Record

n The company was established in December 1992

n In 1995, KOMATSU (Komatsu) loader started sales and service in Zhejiang Province. In 1998, it obtained the dealership authorization of KOMATSU (Komatsu) excavator in Zhejiang Province. In 2002, the cooperation was terminated due to Komatsu internal channel change.

n In 1996, the company invested and established the first branch in the province, Ningbo Branch. By 2003, it continued to invest and set up 11 branches covering all cities in the province, fully realizing localized services and spare parts supply in the province.

n In 1999, the company began to implement the "medium-high-grade, comprehensive and complete" brand product strategy, and successively started the American INGESOLL-RAND (Ingersoll Rand) road machinery, Japan's Mikasa road maintenance equipment, CASE small machinery, German-based asphalt mixing dealer in Zhejiang Province of the building

n In 2001, it began to cooperate with VOLVO (Volvo) construction equipment as a dealer in Zhejiang Province, becoming the first dealer of VOLVO construction equipment in China

n In 2001, it was authorized by Shantui Construction Machinery and began to sell the whole series of Shantui construction machinery in Zhejiang Province.

n Since the establishment of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association Distributor Working Committee (DCCCM) in 2003, he has served as the vice chairman for five consecutive sessions, the rotating chairman from 2016 to 2017, and the executive vice chairman for the fourth and fifth sessions.

n In 2008, it began to invest in the construction of Deqing Company and construction machinery renovation factory, which was officially opened in December 2011

n In 2010, the sales revenue exceeded 1 billion RMB.

n 2010-2011 Zhejiang University & Zhejiang Liyang Management Team (First Session) Management Seminar

n From 2015 to 2017, the overhaul workshop was awarded "VOLVO Designated Authorized Second-hand Equipment Recycling Center Demonstration", "5S Demonstration" and "Visual Site Management Certification"

n In 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2020, the first place in the "Comprehensive Evaluation of Service Capability" of VOLVO's national dealers for 4 consecutive years, and the second place in 2017 and 2019;

n In 2016, it was authorized by SHELL (Shell) to become the first provincial distributor of Shell construction machinery special lubricants in China

n 2018-2019 The second EMBA of Times Guanghua School of Management & Zhejiang Liyang Management Team

n In 2019, the comapny was elected as the vice president unit of the Industrial Internet Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

n In 2020, it was authorized by VOLVO (Volvo) Construction Equipment (China) Co., Ltd. to establish Shanghai Vision Machinery Co., Ltd.

n Become the Shanghai regional distributor of Volvo CE's full range of products

n In 2020, Hangzhou Haojihui Machinery Co., Ltd. will be invested and established to expand the aftermarket of construction machinery attachments and general accessories business

n In 2021, it will be authorized by KEESTRACK to become the distributor of KEESTRACK road milling machine, mobile breaker and screening equipment in Zhejiang Province

n In 2021, in the "2021 Zhejiang Construction Machinery Repair Vocational Skills Competition" sponsored by the Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions, the company included the province's excavator maintenance "group first", "group second", "individual first". One", "Individual 2nd", "Individual 4th" and other five awards;

n In 2021, the company's online marketing department will be established to comprehensively explore and expand the O2O business of online promotion and the company's various operations and service projects