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Sales & Marketing
Our Sales & Marketing:
Distributed brands and products:
1. A full range of crawler excavators and wheel excavators
2. Full range of wheel loader products
3. Full range of mining trucks
4. Full range of road machinery (pavers, vibratory rollers)

1. Full range of mobile crushers
2. A full range of screening equipment
3. Full range of asphalt milling machines

Deji Asphalt Mixing Plant
1. DGX series asphalt mixing equipment
2. Environmentally friendly asphalt mixing equipment
3. Integral regeneration equipment
4. Asphalt Mixture Regeneration Equipment <Combined Type>

1. A full range of hydraulic drills and down-the-hole drilling rigs
2. A full range of mobile air compressors

MIKASA (Mikasa) road maintenance equipment
1. Various specifications of road cutting machines
2. Various specifications of slotting machines and sewing machines
3. Various specifications of walk-behind rollers
4. Various specifications of plate vibrating rammers
5. Various specifications of impact rammers

Various construction machinery accessories
Nearly 100 kinds of various functional series of excavator attachments, such as breakers, pile drivers, olecranon pliers, multi-function claws, etc.

A comprehensive solution for the whole machine marketing
1. Provide credit sales solutions such as financial leasing, bank mortgage, installment payment, etc.
2. Offer trade-in
3. Professionally provide consultation on equipment selection and equipment configuration solutions
4. Provide construction machinery insurance agency business

Whole machine marketing agency, division of functions
1. Whole machine marketing department: all earthwork machinery
2. Key Account Department: Key Account Management
3. Pavement Equipment: All road construction and maintenance machinery
4. Online Marketing Department: Online promotion, consultation
5. Second-hand mobile phone business department: trade-in, second-hand equipment business